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Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Whole World Hears Posey Coming Now

Who would have ever thought the day would come that the Giants would be riding the coattails of Buster Posey into the World Series.  Well, GM Brian Sabean clearly did not place a bet in Vegas on this one.  In fact, the only bet Sabean is so torn up on is his decision to take the Over on the Over/Under on the number of excuses to keep Buster Posey in the minors or out of the regular Giants lineup.  Sabean shouldn't been so disappointed, since he could possibly recover his losses due to some remarkable concept called winning and playoff baseball.

It's amazing how quick the city of San Francisco has embraced the presence of Posey.  How many rookies can make an impact in the regular season, carry a pitcher-laden team into the playoffs, and streamline them into the World Series?  There is clearly only one rookie from the state of Georgia who did so this year, and it's not the guy ESPN has been drooling over ever since ESPN the Weekend in Orlando, site of the Braves spring training facility.  I just wish FOX would show GM Sabean in a box suite during ever Buster Posey plate appearance and see his reaction.  I'm just waiting for the day he says, "Imagine what kind of damage we could have done with him from the beginning of the season."  Apparently, Sabean just wanted to kickstart the season playing a game called "Name that Molina."  Instead of starting the season with a catcher endorsing Aleve and knee-savers, the Giants clearly should have donned the personable and outgoing Under Armour endorser.  Posey fever has clearly spread all over San Francisco.  Every telecast you see kids and adults rocking the Under Armour gear and Posey jerseys.  The Giants are now a force to be reckoned with.  As Under Armour so fittingly states, "I Think You Hear Us Coming" is the message the Giants are sending to the Rangers.  Clearly, Brian Sabean has hearing difficulties because he did not hear Posey from the get go.  It's time for the Giants ship to set sail, there will be no more 'Treading Water in the Bay'.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Buster Posey Treading Water in the Bay

Since the Winter Meetings about a month ago, Buster Posey must have been enjoying his workouts and preparation for the starting catcher slot next season.  Buster probably felt even better when GM Brian Sabean confirmed his stance on not pursuing Molina, "That ship has sailed. That's not going to be a fallback position for us."  Molina's negotiations with the Mets on a multiyear deal just a few days ago only added to Buster's satisfaction.  Then, Tuesday morning arrived and rumors were saying that Molina had rejected a multiyear deal from the Mets basically on a change of heart.  Molina rejected a $5 million offer from the Mets to return to the Giants for $4.5 million. 

First of all, what is Molina thinking turning down that extra half million dollars.  Are times that good for aging catchers?  Maybe he wanted to build on his performance from a year ago (.265/ 20/ 80) enough to get a lucrative multiyear deal after next season.  Do you really believe he did not 'like the Mets'?  It's not like he's going to the AL and has to learn a whole new set of hitters.  You got to wonder why he did this.

Now on the Giants standpoint, was the $4.5 million money well spent?  You can argue that they Giants could have allocated that money to another FA position player or put it in the "Saving Lincecum trust fund" for post arbitration years.  Or yolu can also argue that it's all even in the long run and it only delays service time for the already record setting $6.2 million upfront bonus baby in Buster Posey (now second all time to Strasburg).  On another note, did the Giants pitching staff (aka. Lincecum and Cain) really want Molina back to call the games or did they not feel Posey was ready?

There is one thing pretty clear through all this mess.  Buster Posey got the short straw and his development will remain struck in neutral.  Buster has already been delayed enough.  Remember when Buster managed to squeeze out 17 AB's in the month while watching a slightly injured Molina call meaningless September games?  Posey's offensive talents are clearly advanced.  He's raked at every level and in two years time managed to put on seven different uniforms moving from level to level.  Sabean, let the kid play.  The whole city of San Francisco wants him playing and I'm sure he'd blend in nicely with Lincecum, Cain, and the revamped Kung Fu Pablo.  For a second I thought that the Giants were finally becoming younger and open to giving youngsters a chance.  Hopefully they don't pull this kind of treatment on the NeXt star--Madison Bumgarner.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A List So Powerful it Could End Careers

If you are an MLB player and turn on the TV at 2pm EST on Thursday, December 13th, and see your name, your career might just be over. At least, it might seem like it is over.

Geroge Mitchell is set to issue a detailed report of his investigation into steroid use in Major League Baseball with as many as 80 names listed. What implications does this have? If a player's name shows up, the player's reputation is instantly tarnished and will never be restored. Every time the person picks up a bat or throws a ball, the legitimacy of the player will be questioned.

Mitchell has spent roughly 21 months gathering whatever data and information he could about the so-called "steroid era." Mitchell was given the power to compile anything that was legal to obtain, even if it might tarnish the overall appearance of Major League Baseball.
Tomorrow will be a very sad day for MLB and the sports world. Hopefully most of the names listed are of retired players, so the current stance of MLB will not be totally tarnished.

Friday, December 7, 2007

College Football Bowl Predictions--December edition

Thursday, Dec. 20th, 9pm(EST): Navy -vs- Utah
Navy's top-notch offense will try to stop Utah's 6-game bowl winning streak. Look for Navy's number one rushing offense to run right by Utah.

Friday, Dec. 21st, 8pm: Florida Atlantic -vs- Memphis
Memphis started the season 2-4 after suffering through the tragic shooting death on campus of one of its players. However, look for Florida Atlantic to win this one as momentum has carried them all season long to a share of the Sun Belt title.

Saturday, Dec. 22nd, 1pm: #22 Cincy -vs- Southern Mississippi
Cincinnati has been ranked higher earlier in the year and was once considered a dark horse. Cincy did finish ahead of Rutgers and Louisville is the very powerful ACC Conference. Look for them to beat Southern Miss in this first Saturday showdown.
Saturday, Dec. 22nd, 4:30pm: New Mexico -vs- Nevada
Yes, Nevada was in the slightly-more competitive WAC, but they were 4-4 in conference play. However, New Mexico did beat Air Force and UNLV. This game is a tossup. So I'll flip the coin and pick New Mexico because it is basically a home game in New Mexico.

Saturday, Dec. 22nd, 8pm: #17 BYU -vs- UCLA
BYU looks to continue its nation-long 9-game winning streak against the UCLA team which handed them a loss back in week 2. UCLA finished 6-6, I'll go with the BYU Cougars in this one.

Sunday, Dec. 23rd, 8pm: #24 Boise St. -vs- East Carolina
Do you really think Boise St. will lose twice outside the mainland in one year? I don't think so. Look for Mr. Statue of Liberty himself Ian Johnson to shows East Carolina some prime time magic.

Wednesday, Dec. 26th, 7:30pm: Central Michigan -vs- Purdue
Let's see, Purdue lost their last three games while Central Michigan won 4 of their last 5 games and the MAC championship game. The Big Ten suffers the first of its bowl losses.

Thursday, Dec. 27th, 8pm: #11 Arizona St. -vs- #19 Texas
This is the first big bowl game between two ranked teams. ASU is coming off a surprising season under Dennis Erickson. ASU faltered at the end costing itself a BCS bid. Look for ASU to finish strong with a win over Colt McCoy's led Longhorns.

Look for more Bowl predictions to come. This is just the beginning.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

The CHASE is over

Just like that, the great chase is over. Chase Daniel's #1 ranked Missouri Tigers have been dethroned by the #9 Oklahoma Sooners 38-17. Missouri's title hopes have evaporated just as fast as Chase Daniel's quest for the Hesiman Trophy.

Missouri is 11-0 versus anyone not named Oklahoma. Missouri lost to Oklahoma earlier in the year when leading running back Tony Temple did not play due to injury. However, this time there was no excuse. Temple had 13 carriers for a hard-fought 26 yards. The game was played at a neutral site and each team had its main players on the field. Missouri was simply outmatched tonight. Chase Daniel did not throw a touchdown pass, but did manage to throw a costly interception. Missouri could not keep Oklahoma out of the end zone, as the Sooners managed to score 5 touchdowns and a total of 38 points.

Chase, hopefully you enjoyed your moment of fame the past few weeks. Amid all the hype of being on all major sports magazine covers the past week, a win against Oklahoma was necessary to quiet all critics over a soft schedule. Daniel's bid for a Heisman Trophy is over. However, Daniel's Tigers will put forth a great fight in whatever bowl they play this January.

Meanwhile, the Chase for who should play in the BCS title game has just begun.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A Powerful New Triumvirate Reigning Over College Basketball

Three new kings have emerged in NCAA Division I college basketball. These three players could easily be showing off their game in the NBA right now. The college basketball world better enjoy the show this year because these three players will most likely run for the NBA after the year.

What players make up this powerful triumvirate?
First, we got Eric Gordon of the Indiana Hoosiers. This hometown stud has gave the Big Ten something worth watching. His presence has already been felt as he has averaged 28pts/game and shot over 61%. He has given the the Indiana program promising hope for this season and towards a Final 4 run in March. The state of Indiana couldn't be happier after Gordon decided to part with his initial scholarship to Illinois.

Next, we have Mr. Love, Kevin Love. Love is the reighning 2007 HS Gatorade Player of the Year. He has dominated his competition in Oregon and has played with some of the greatest in AAU competitions. Love now has a chance to lead the #1 ranked UCLA Bruins to a national championship. He has started off with a bang leading the Bruins with 20 pts/game and 11 rebounds/game.

Finally, the head of the emerging triumvirate is O.J. Mayo. He is the Terrell Owens of basketball. His skills are off the charts, but he also brings quite a swagger with him. Mayo personally contacted Tim Floyd at USC and told him he would play at USC. No recruiting necessary. Some think Mayo did this because he wants to soak up all the attention in the country's second biggest media market. Both Mayo and Love are good friends and will play each other at least twice this year. The USC v. UCLA games are already being talked about as one of the biggest sporting events of the whole year.

Gordon, Love, and Mayo will turn as lot of heads and roll a few ankles this season. Look for each of them to leave for the NBA and bring their sensational skills to the Big Show next year

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Curse of the #2

This college football season five #2 ranked teams have been upset. This isn't your matchup of a #2 vs. another top ranked team; instead, it is a matchup of a solid #2 team with a very unmatched opponent. The opponent usually isn't even ranked.

When week 6 of the college football season approached nobody expected USC to be dethroned of their #2 ranking by unranked Stanford. However, Stanford put a halt to USC's 35-game home win streak and USC's quest for a perfect season. Stanford 24, #2 USC 23

A week later (week 7), Oregon St. tried to do the same to #2 California. They were able to knock out Cal with another stunning upset of the #2 position. Oregon St. 31, #2 Cal 28

Could this happen three weeks straight. Well, Rutgers faced off with #2 South Florida and quickly ended the good story of the South Florida football team. Rutgers 30, #2 South Florida 27

The streak ended and week 9 saw no #2 upset. However, a potential for a huge upset was in the making for week 10. Florida St. took on Boston College. Matt Ryan couldn't score enough however to continue putting an end to this #2 curse. Florida St. 27, #2 BC 17

Week 12 encountered another #2 upset. The FIFTH #2 upset THIS YEAR. Dennis Dixon's #2 Oregon Ducks faced Arizona's squad. Arizona beat the Ducks partly due to the fact that Dennis Dixon was injured in the first quarter of the game. Either way, the curse of the #2 team continued. Arizona 34, #2 Oregon 24

So, who will be the next #2 to fall? Well, lets consider #2 Kansas this week against #4 Missouri. This could very well be the sixth #2 to fall this year. Let the curse continue...

Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Weekly Bets 11/10-11/13

The popular Weekly Bets column makes its long-awaited return this week. I guess I needed the time off to shrug off some of these insane college football upsets. After last's week's epic comeback by the Patriots over the Colts, we now know why some many betters have been putting their money of the Pats to cover all year long.
Well, here we go.


Colts(-3.5) @ Chargers
I'll take the Colts to cover the spread and win by at least a TD. Yes, the Chargers have been making a slight comeback after their dismal start, but look for P-Manning to take charge after a 4th quarter collapse last weekend against the Pats.

Vikings(+6) @ Packers
Yes, the Packers will continue their roll with a win at home this week. However, look for Peterson to run wild and have another 100+ yard game. The Packers seem to always find a way to win, but sometimes it's not pretty. This will be the case this time around as the A-Train gives the Vikings a win over the spread.
Cowboys(-1.5) @ Giants
Giants are hot, it's in New York and the people dislike the Cowboys. However, look for the Cowboys to show why they are America's team. Romo now has additional job security with his new deal and look for him to shine this weekend. Cowboys roll over the Giants and easily cover.
NCAA College Football

USC(-4.5) @ CAL

Both USC and CAL have been disappointments lately after a lot of early-season hype. Injuries to John David Booty and Nate Lonshire has depleted some of the spark of these once high-octane offenses. However, look for USC's top PAC-10 defense to styme the morale-losing Cal Bears, who have already lost 3 straight. Make it four.

Auburn @ Georgia(-2)

Georgia is riding a 3-game winning streak including wins over Vany and Florida. Freshman running back Knowshon Moreno has picked up the rushing load for the Bulldogs, becoming only the second Georgia freshman to rush for over 1,000 yards. However, Auburn looks to stop this emerging star with its 24th ranked rush defense. It won't matter, Georgia is hot and covers the spread.

**Upset Special**

Michigan @ Wisconsin (+2.5)

Did you watch Wisconsin last week against Ohio St.? Well, if you watched the first half then you know how good they can be. If you watched the fourth quarter, you know how bad they can be. However, this was at Ohio State without PJ Hill and Lance Smith. Look for Smith to show a huge presence this week. Michigan is shooting for its 9th straight win; however, Wisconsin has a 13-game home winning streak on the line. Look for Wisconsin to not only win against the spread, but look for them to actually win the game.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Manning v. Brady--Let the Games Begin

The Colts/Patriots game on Sunday, November 4th, has been dubbed Super Bowl XLI1/2.
These are clearly the two best teams with the two best quarterbacks. Both teams enter undefeated. The Colts are coming off three consecutive victories against the Patriots and this game is now in Indy. However, the Colts are 5-point underdogs in their own stadium.

I have come across a nice media piece from Frank Calliendo detailing the differences between Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. Frank imitates David Letterman's TOP 10 list.

10- Manning's #1 priority is scoring TD's, Brady's #1 priority is scoring hot chicks
9- One has a whiny baby and the other has a whiny baby brother
8- Manning's home movies filled with images of his family, Brady's filled with images of the Jets' defensive schemes
7- Manning's best receiver missed 2 games with an injury, Brady's best receiver mssed 2 seasons with the Raiders
6- Guess what, Brady's dad didn;t win a Super Bowl either, but he wasn't even in the NFL
5- Manning's coach dresses like a homespun guy, Brady's dresses like a HOMELESS guy
4- Manning appeared on Oprah's "Humanitarian" episode, Brady appeared on Maury's "Are You My Daddy" episode
3- Brady actually turned down a commercial
2- Manning's favorite show is NFL matchup, Brady's favorite show is 'America's Next Top Model'
1- Manning is breaking Johhny Unitas's record on the field, Brady is breaking Joe Namath's records OFF the field!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

100 catches, 1,451 yards, and 18 TD catches

I am a redshirt freshman a 6-3 college football team in the Big 12.
I am 6' 3'' and 222lbs.

I have 100 catches, 1,451 yards, and 18 TD catches.

...With at least 3 games remaining...

My name is Michael Crabtree and I am putting up unheard of numbers while continuing to be unheard of.

These are better than Randy Moss numbers, even better than Jerry Rice numbers.

He is only a freshman and is just dominating the Big 12. Remember when everyone was buzzing about Calvin Johnson a few years ago, well, it is now time to buzz about Michael Crabtree.

Put this guy on your player to watch list. I guarantee this offseason his name will be lighting up all over the place.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I need a 1-WAY ticket to Boston right now!

New England Patriots undefeated through week 8, Boston College Football undefeated and ranked #2 in the nation, Boston Red Sox in the World Series and dominating once again, the Boston Celtics poised for a breakthrough season with Garnett, Allen, and Pierce--all these teams make their home in Boston, MA.

Now is the time to be a New Englander. With stars ranging from your GQ Tom Brady's to your Predator-like Manny Ramirez, these teams are full of great personalities. Personally, I would feel enlightened to be within 20 miles of Brady, Manny, Big Papi, Garnett, Allen, Matt Ryan, Randy Moss, etc. Just knowing that I could be driving next to Garnett would keep me on my toes every day. Could it even be possible to win titles in 4 major sports in one year?

So before I book my 1-way flight to Beantown get the clam chowder ready and make sure there is a Dunkin' Donuts withing 50 feet of me at all times.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Fall of an Empire

What's new, the Yankees are out relaxing playing golf in warm weather. You figure by now they would get some sort of travel deal for booking the same vacation every October.

While the players are out trying to improve their handicap, the Yankees brass is holding their annual meeting of the minds. George Steinbrunner has personally invited the top Yankees personnal to his home in Tampa. As an owner of a billion-dollar sports franchise I guess this is the polite way to get everyone together and explain what a horrible job they did this past year. With George's decentralization of power continuing in evolution-like speed, George still promises that his sons have taken over "significant baseball operations". Sorry George, even if you say you have given "significant" power to your sons, you will always have the final say.

It now seems that this final say will be to fire Hall of Fame manager Joe Torre. George, I'll tell you right now, even your 'buddy' Reggie Jackson would tell you firing Joe Torre is the wrong move. It is time for you to take some blame yourself and not place it on the manager's shoulders. Yes, Joe was the one in charge of the team on the field, but you were the one who built the team. George you can prevent another roster mistake by deciding to keep Joe Torre. If not, this will be the end of the Evil Empire.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Weekly Bets--(up to Monday 10/15)

Welcome to the inaugural Weekly Betting Line. Here I will discuss my picks of the week in sports betting. If you're like me and love watching a game with money on the line, then you enjoy this weekly segment. I will post my picks and analysis and will open it up to the people for comments and their thoughts. Also, I ask that each responder post their 1 favorite bet of the week. Lets beat Vegas together and make some money! So, lets get at it.


Patriots(-5) @ Cowboys
*Pats win a great game of two high-powered offenses. Yes, Pats have combined opponent record of 7-17, but they have avg. margin of victory of over 23 pts. Dallas has the 2nd best pass offense, while NE has the 6th best pass D. That should make things interesting. The difference is NE's balance of #3 rush offense and #4 pass offense. Can Tony Romo mentally bounce back from 5 INT's? Yes, but he can't manage a team as well as Tom Brady.
Basically the game will be close, and I believe NE will win by AT LEAST A TOUCHDOWN and show Dallas fans the true power of the AFC.

--NFL Picks--

Vikings @ Bears(-5.5)
*Look for the Bears to carry their momentum from their win over the Packers to a win over the Vikings in Chicago. Yes, the Bears have been inconsistent, but look for a mid-size win around 7-10pts.

Titans (+3) @ Tampa Bay
*Look for an upset here, or at least a win over the spread. TENN is 3-1 and their only loss was vs. the Colts. TENN has won in Jacksonville. Tampa Bay's #22 Rush D won't be able to stop TENN and Vince Young's #4 Rush Offense from marching all over them. Mark it now, Titans over Tampa, pick the MONEY or against the SPREAD.

*Monday Night Game*
*Giants(-3) @ Falcons
*The Giants are hot coming in on a 3-game win streak. Falcons, well, you know the drill.

--NCAAF Picks--
Missouri(+10.5) @ Oklahoma
*As hot as Mizzu is you got to take the Sooners at home. Even though Mizzu is coming off a huge win over Nebraska, there is a good chance they will play w/o leading rusher Tony Temple, who is a game-time decision with a sprained ankle. It's just a matter of points in this one, and I say take the points, a win under 10.5 for Oklahoma.
Purdue(+5.5) @ Michigan
Yes, Purdue is 5-1 and is coming off a 16pt loss to OSU at home but this team is still very competitive. Michigan will roll in the Big House, but take the points in this one for Purdue. Michigan is coming off an unimpressive 33-22 win over E.Michigan at home. Also, Michigan has yet to beat a quality opponent by a good margin (ex. Penn St. 5pt win), so look for small margin of victory for Michigan.
Keep an Eye on: South Carolina(-7) @ North Carolina
*Why? Well SC is undefeated with many close wins. Yes, they outscore opponents still by about 12pts but did you watch last week's game against Kentucky. They scored on two turnovers and really didn't control the game. This is a huge border rivalry and will be huge for future recruits. If UNC wins, it won't be pretty and won'y be by much. Will I take the 7 points for UNC...yes, SC by a few thanks to some 4th quarter heroics.

Safe bets of the Week to make a few bucks on the MONEY line
NFL: -Chargers OVER Raiders
NCAAF: -Rutgers OVER Syracuse; Ohio St. OVER Kent; Boston College OVER Notre Dame
Lastly, my hometown picks...
Wisconsin(+7) @ Penn St.
--Luke Swan(WR) is out indefinately, but look for Travis Beckum to catch another 10 passes and continue his All-American TE bid. The Badgers D will get a mini break from an explosive lineup, but look for Penn St. to roll unless the Badgers D decides to show up for their first game this season. Take the points, but hopefully the Badgers win.

Redskins @ Packers(-3)
--As good as the pass Defense is for the Redskins, look for the #1 pass offense led by #4 to beat the Redskins in Green Bay. The Packers RB's showed some promise last week and will be needed this week to counter the constant passing by the Pack. Packers win by at least a touchdown.

Please share your thoughts and your 1 Major Pick! Look for this column to appear weekly. Note: Betting lines subject to change. Check out the lines at

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Who is the team to beat this MLB postseason--Meet the 2007 Boston Red Sox

There is something special brewing in Beantown, no it is not another version of Samuel Adams beer, but instead it is a team that comes to the park every day knowing they are going to win. This team has the aura and mystique to pull out a victory every day. According to Curt Schilling, "aura" and "mystique" are names of strip club dancers. However, Red Sox fans know better than to 'throw around their dollar bills' for some quick entertainment. Both the fans and the players know something great is about to happen. This team might not resemble the easy-going pranksters of the "Cowboy Up" Kevin Millar gang of 2004. Nor might it have the starting centerfielder doing naked pull-ups before a World Series game. But it has something that was not present in 2o04--a fearless swagger.

From David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez doing their pre-game fist pump to Jon Papelbon's dilated eyes flowing of intimidation, the 2007 Red Sox know what is ahead of them, know what must be done, and know that they will get it done. The veterans on the club have instilled a sheer determination of winning baseball to the younger players. All players are treated equal; age, size, experience--none of the above matters. Once on the field, the only thing that matters is taking care of business by beating the opponent.
In 2007 there was no trade of a franchise icon (Nomar) or the need for a 2 ft. tall Dominican mascot (Pedro's personal sidekick) to kickstart the team. Instead, this team entered last offseason with one goal in mind--to WIN the World Series. As the Red Sox enter the ALCS with a Boston-style Massacre of the Angels, this team is ready for the upcoming challenge. The Red Sox do not have a good chance of winning the World Series, they are going to win the World Series.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Big Ten Network

Unforgettable College Football Experiences

Everyone has been to his or her college football game where there was a 4th quarter comeback or a winning field goal with time expiring. However, it is the whole college gameday experience that people want to know about. This means from the time you wake up and head into town to the time you leave the bar at night and head home.

People will have different experiences based on their age (teen, college student, alum, or grown adult). I personally am a college student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. For all of you that don't know, this is home of the UW Badgers football team. It is true that our school is known for acdemics, however, it is also known for being a top-notch party school with die-hard fans. I will tell an experience I had this 2007 football season when the Badgers hosted the Iowa Hawkeyes on Saturday, September 22nd.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - -- - - - -- -

The official start time of this game was 7:00pm, which meant the streets and stadium area were full of action around 12:00pm--a full seven hours before gametime. Wisconsin fans, both students and adults, are known for their great displays of tailgate ability. You'll see anything from an old woman doing a four-story beer bong to a thirsty group of reckless college students doing an octobong (which basically looks like a big octopus with a large beer container in the middle flowing out through 8 hoses) to even a grill the size of a pickup truck. But what makes Wisconsin unique? It might be the fact that almost what seems the whole campus, even the unfortunate without tickets, participate in the pre-game festivities, game action, and post-game festivities. It is like a whole-day event.

--Around 10:00am on the Iowa-Wisconsin gameday I woke up and turned on the TV to see ESPN's College Gameday and eventually watch Lee Corso put on the head of an Alabama Razarback mascot. Around 12:00pm I went across the street to a pre-game party. Low and behold, the people hosting the party had family from Iowa. I walked around and noticed that roughly half of the people present were parents and the other half students. What amazed me was that I saw parents playing beer-pong, doing beer bongs, dancing to music, and talking smack to the opposing fans. These "childish" acts are supposed to be student-only things; however, this was not the case. All the p

arents and students were wearing either all red or all-yellow clothing. You could tell everyone was very supportive of their team and thier respective university. As game-time approached, I left the party around 6:00pm and went for my usual walk around the stadium. It's a breathtaking sight to just walk around the stadium and see so many people of all ages wearing red and getting ready for the big game. Since this was the Sat. night prime time game on ESPN, there were many cameras inside the stadium and a big blimp hovering around the stadium. When entering the student section it is almost like a procession going the the Mecca as so many students flock through the gates and begin cheering for the Badgers immediately. Once gametime hits, the students seem to screem chants every minute and continue singing songs played over the loudspeaker. The MOST famous part of Badger football games when the students bounce to "Jump Around". Imagine a whole student section full of thousands of youthful bodies jumping up and down for a minute. It is insane.

I can go on and on about Wisconsin football but this is a good start.

Hopefully other bloggers can share their great college football experiences.

"Ceremonial First Pitch"

HotTopic Sports has been created to give fans of all sports a chance to discuss the current issues in sports. On this blog, any topic relating to any major collegiate or professional sport is up for grabs. Regular bloggers will range from your die-hard baseball fans to your passionate football fans to even fans of sports in general.

Current issues discussed might include playoff races, divisional battles, big games, betting lines, statistical analysis or key game trends, fan experiences, college gamedays across many campuses, or even what you would do if you were in charge of your favorite team.

As you can see, there will be a variety of topics discussed and hopefully a lot of insight from some of the world's most passionate sports fans. HotTopic Sports will also include links to other insightful sports blogs. Bloggers are also urged to post links to certain articles/webpages/topics they are discussing if basing his or her discussion on one of the aforementioned items.

Well, that was my "first-pitch" and it is now time for the action to begin. Thanks for making this blogging site a place to share your sports knowledge.